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I Think Im Going Mad

Posted on 30.09.2019 by Tokus
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  1. Shaktilkis says:
    Jul 25,  · And I think I'm going mad Life goes by so fast Time whirls by so fast You think I whine so All the women come and go Think I'm going mad Think I'm going crazy All the highs and lows don't mean a thing to me Don't give a damn This season that'll pass Think will be my last I know my mind's afloat Sometimes I feel so young and sometimes I feel so old Yeah you want to see, you want to see .
  2. Tuzshura says:
    May 08,  · From a teen in the U.S.: Hi. I'm going crazy. Maybe 5 months ago I started to act strangely. I've become obsessive with things and I hurt myself when they go wrong. For example, I .
  3. Shakashakar says:
    Mar 29,  · I been thinking about all of this quite a bit and I think I'm going to sell the E.A.T and the Soundsmith, send my Technics to Kab for a work over and work on trying to find a Cart that's not only a great match for the deck but also the music I'm into. Its just so tough.
  4. Brataur says:
    Mar 26,  · I've had (am having) a similar experience with my vinyl playback, though I don;t really think of one better that the other. I have 4 TT's with 3 hooked into my main system at any one time - A) VPI Classic Signature with a Soundsmith Paua MC cartridge B) Thorens TD with a VMSH MM cartridge C) Thorens TD that I just outfitted with a Vas Nova mono for dedicated mono playback .
  5. Migis says:
    Oct 10,  · Having your career / love life / friendships interrupted by going mad again. For more information on mental illness visit Time To Change, Mind and .
  6. Yozshuzilkree says:
    I think I'm going mad! by Lesley (Australia) The room was dark and musty, empty bottles rolled around on the polished timber floor as if they were trying to get away as fast as possible. The air was stale and sickly and the curtain blew from the corner of the window .
  7. Bralkis says:
    Mar 25,  · I honestly think Technics is par for the course. More money spent does not always means x 6 better. The V15mk3 mentioned by someone Is a damned fine cartridge. With my set up i am totally satisfied And woild not swop it. I think you have answered your own question. Well done. Enjoy!
  8. Vudomi says:
    I Think I'm Going Mad This song is by The Rolling Stones and appears on the album Stereo Rarities, Volume 2 (Outtakes & Demos ) (). And I think I'm going mad Life goes by so fast Time whirls by so fast You think I whine so All the women come and go Think I'm going mad.

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